When Orla Doherty and I started together we realised very quickly that we had a very similar sense of humour although one of us has slightly fewer filters than the other (Orla…I’m looking at you!) But we needed a name, a proper legitimate comedy duo handle. ‘Orla and Val’ wouldn’t get it done. Add a few typos and ‘Oral and Trot’ doesn’t create the right imagery either, does it?

So, we put our heads together. I’d love to say that the name we chose was grounded in sophisticated insight-based research. I really would. But no, it was born from an intense 24-hour period of hilarious WhatsApp messaging. (Honestly, sometimes we think our best work is done on WhatsApp but that’s a whole other story.)

Drum roll…the name we chose was ChatterBoxx with the tagline ‘Better Together’ and it sums us up perfectly.

We regularly joke that I am all about the chatter and Orla is all about her box; make of that what you will…but it’s true. But there is a method to our madness.

We are all about the chatter, we chat a lot and a box is another word for a stage. We cheekily added a second ‘x’ to Boxx for two reasons, two X’s represent the female chromosome and Orla has been divorced twice.

Our logo suits us too although full credit to Orla for logo design.

The images in the logo represent Orla and I with a mic stand and it made sense to include a bottle of Prosecco because we celebrate all the wins we’ve had together on this amazing comedy writing journey. And if there is one thing we have learned along that way is that we certainly are better together.

For more information about Orla Doherty check out her amazing blog at https://orladoherty.com/