“Call my agent.” I’ve always wanted to say that. “Follow that car.” I’ve always wanted to say that too but that’s neither here nor there.

I am thrilled to bits to announce that I am now represented by the London literary agency, WGM Atlantic. Commercial women’s fiction agent, Nicky Lovick, will represent my debut rom-com novel What Could Possibly Go Wrong? I mean what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, I’m sure but let it be known that I will put my shoulder to the wheel under Nicky’s stewardship to ensure that my debut novel is the very best it can be. I’ve absolutely loved writing it and I hope that you will enjoy reading it. All going well it will be published in 2024. Here’s the pitch.

When perennially single Tara goes on holiday, she never imagines that a luggage mix-up and a sunburnt bottom will lead to a romance with handsome Doctor Dan. Maybe now she can assure her relentless mother that she won’t end up like “a washed-up old spinster with shrivelled ovaries.” But a late-night kiss in the office with a female colleague sends her into an existential spin, throws doubt on relations with Dan and seriously jeopardises her prospects of promotion. What could possibly go wrong?

Many moons ago I did in fact incinerate my derriere snorkelling on holiday in Mexico. But that’s another story. But I do sometimes wonder if I would have written a book if I hadn’t. The memory of it appears to be indelibly etched in my brain (and my backside) and it inspired what is now a key development in my commercial women’s fiction novel.

Publishing a novel is a first for me. I suppose every author starts with a debut and at 50 years old I might be late to the party. But it’s never too late I reckon and no doubt the five decades of life experience that I’ve banked to date will be a bountiful source of anecdotes for future novels.

Check in here from time to time and I will keep you posted with all the twists and turns of my publishing journey. Check out WGM Atlantic’ website here for more information https://www.wgmtalent.com/