“What could possibly go wrong?” a phrase I say all the time, usually before I’m about to do something slightly questionable. I reckoned it would be a good title for a novel so I decided to write one. But how? I’d never written a novel before and I needed help.

In April 2021 I rocked up to Writers Ink, an online writing group and I got stuck in. Several drafts, re-writes and cups of coffee later my debut comedy novel came into being. It’s a romcom about a thirty-five-year-old single accountant, Tara, who is on the lookout for love. (I can’t imagine where the inspiration comes from!).

I suppose I’d describe myself as an emerging writer. The writing is done so I need to get my ass into gear for the emergence part. All going according to plan, my debut novel will be published in 2024. I can’t wait. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

You’ll find all the updates here. I’m bursting to share them.