Hello, hello! Thanks so much for joining me. You are very welcome to my blog. Hopefully, you will find something of interest along the way but if not, let me know what does float your boat, and let’s have a chat about that too.

My name is Val Troy and this is my new little corner of the internet…or the cloud…or the cable…wherever it is that the internet resides.

I am a comedy writer. That’s my thing and I’m sticking with it. Comedy writing can be anything really. It can be writing a funny WhatsApp message, an amusing Post-it note, or a giggle on a social media post. For me, it’s all of those things but more formally my debut women’s commercial fiction novel called ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ is on track for publication. Or is it a rom-com? Or a comedy novel? In truth, it’s probably a hybrid of them all but as long as it’s an enjoyable read and makes people laugh or smile then that’s all that matters.

I have a co-written pilot episode of a comedy/drama under my belt too. I co-wrote that with my comedy wife, Orla Doherty. She features prominently in here too as my comedy collaborator and friend. Meeting Orla in our online writing group, Writers Ink was a game changer in the sense that it helped fast-track my writing adventures and I can’t wait to see where they land.

I had a bonkers notion one day to try my hand at standup comedy. Sure why not? I loved it and as always, one thing leads to another. Orla and I linked up with Funny Women, the UK female/non-binary comedy community. We needed a name for our comedy double act and after intense WhatsApp brainstorming, we settled on ChatterBoxx. As ChatterBoxx, we are the Irish producers of Funny Women live standup comedy shows. Our first, the largest Irish Funny Women event to date was held in the iconic, Whelans, Wexford St. in June 2023 and more will follow.

So that’s my story…so far. If you’re of a mind please check in here from time to time to see what’s going on please do and we can have a laugh together along the way.