Orla Doherty and I brainstormed lots of things, some good ideas, some horrendous ones too it’s fair to say. But when an idea gets under our skin we tend to do it rather than talk ourselves out of it. Sometimes the only way to know if you can do something or not is to give it a go. As a general principle, I tend to say yes to things. But there’s a caveat – yes unless I don’t want to or it doesn’t suit me. That seems reasonable to me.

Right now, Orla and I are wrapping our minds around a ChatterBoxx podcast. There’s no point rushing into something like this, that would be foolish. Apart from anything it’s a huge commitment and if we do it we would like it to be good fun for our listeners. Orla and I frequently describe ourselves as peri-menopausal Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams. Clearly, Orla is Joanne and I’m Vogue, albeit I’m not an ambassador for Fairy non-bio pods…but I could be; always close with a click and a clack, right?

Orla and I are busy making all the rookie errors we can think of. While recording once I went to the bathroom with my mic on – that was a near miss. Meanwhile, Orla felt that putting her mic inside her jumper pointing toward her boobs would work. Appalling acoustics in case you’re wondering.

And that’s partly the joy of trying new things, making mistakes along the way, or as I like to call them ‘learning experiences.’ And as you hopefully follow this blog (bribery and corruption available) you’ll see that I’m as likely to share the successes as well as the failures because frankly, the failures are often funnier. You’ll never know unless you give it a go, besides dignity is overrated.

Stay tuned.