Orla and I have lots of ideas, not all of them are stellar but we rigorously filter out anything that doesn’t make the cut. But every now and then we get an idea and it feels like an itch that must be scratched. Or is that just an annoying rash, hard to say sometimes.

Often we are between minds about whether to give an idea the green light or not but of course, we have a very scientific decision-making process. We trust our guts. If it feels like something we should try then we try it. Why not? No one else is going to do it for us so we might as well press ahead.

The podcast idea was born when Orla and I did some radio interview slots when promoting our Funny Women show in Whelans. At first I was very hesitant about going on live radio, it was a first for me but at the same time it was an opportunity not to be missed. What could possibly go wrong? Sure it’s just a one-to-one chat with a DJ, right? I conveniently decided not to think too much about the audience listening in lest my courage reserves depleted.

We are so grateful to the local and community radio stations that gave us an opportunity to chat, LMFM, Near FM and Dublin South FM as well as interview slots on FM104, Classic Hits and East Coast Radio.

That opportunity gave us an inkling that we’d like to chat some more. So with the help of DJ and podcaster Keith Walsh, it’s back to school for Orla and I this September. We will get to grips with learning how to record and edit a podcast and invite some guests to the ChatterBoxx to see what funny stuff has been going on in their lives.