It’s happened. I’ve turned 50. That’s 50 successful trips around the sun, I’m mightily proud. I was born in 1973 on a Wednesday. I’m supposed to be full of woe but I can’t align myself to that, I’m more than grateful for my lot in life and for all the amazing people I’ve happened upon along the way. As a Virgo, I’m told that I’m logical, practical and have a systematic approach to life. I’m on board with that definition 100%.

I’m from Mayo originally and I can trace my ancestors back to 1879. One of them, Dominic Byrne was a witness to the Apparition at Knock. Which means I’ve got some celebrity connections of the heavenly kind. I wonder if that will fast-track me anywhere celestial when the time comes…like those fast passes in Disney. I’ll keep you posted on that one, I’m hoping I won’t be needing it anytime soon.

As an accountant, I can confirm that 50 is halfway to 100. This means I’m at halftime because I have lofty plans to hit the 100th birthday target to cash in the cheque from the President. As I type, I’m looking around my office for the halftime tub of oranges to top up the ole electrolytes for another five decades.

So I, and many others before me, have deemed 50 the new 40. I’m on board with that for sure. I’m a huge fan of author and broadcaster, Barbara Scully’s view in her book Wise Up regarding the power and wisdom of the older woman. (Orla and I press-ganged Barbara to read excerpts of her book at our first Funny Women show – she brought the house down). So I’ve decided to practice what Barbara preaches and to give my next few decades socks. Who’s with me?